Affordable Food Stall Franchise Software

Reliable Sales, Inventory, and Cash Management on an offline capable web and tablet platform. Track & Analyze key data per food stall and commissary area.

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Drive your franchise chain forward with these competitive advantages

Eliminate paper work, minimize errors, and optimize your business process

Sales Management

Record sales transactions in real time per food stall and per commissary area. As an owner, make sure data collected from sites are accurate, comprehensive, and timely. Captured information is stored and sent to HQ whenever you sync data on your tablet app

Location Management

Manage sales, inventory, and cash for multiple areas and specific site locations from your Headquarters. As an owner, have a sales dashboard per area and per location for a real time pulse of your business.

Inventory Management

Manage raw materials, finished goods recipes, and multiple variants per finished good from Headquarters. As an owner, track the inflow of inventory per stall and per area from HQ / Commissary so you know when to replenish supplies.
Get orders from franchisees regarding stock replenishment

Offline Capable Tablet Apps for stall and auditers

We supply you with tablets that can only access the KaChing App.

Dashboards and Analytics

Make data driven decisions regarding your business

Cash Management

Record in flow and out flow of bills, bank deposits, and petty cash of each stall and area.

Attendance Tracking

Mange time in / time out + break times of employees. Each employee will have their own pass code.

Site Auditing

Team leads per commissary area can use our platform to conduct routine on site and online audits

Multiple Brands

Franchisers with multiple brand concepts serviced by the same admin and commissary area need not worry!

Professional Management Team

For Software as a Service Platforms, it's important to invest in a team like ours -- with years of excellence and experience in Enterprise Software.

Jon Danao, CTO

Jon was the head of Technology at ABS-CBN Corporation for more than 4 years, a back-end developer at Asian Development Bank prior to that and has since been the CEO of The App Factory, a web and mobile app development shop for 4 years.  Jon has more than 15 years of professional experience in web application development, website design, user experience design, mobile development, REST API design and development.

Lancer Lee, Business Development

Lancer has more than 16 years of experience in the Information Technology industry servicing enterprise clients through his experience with Oracle and Sap implementations. Lancer has held several account and client delivery management roles for multiple regions in enterprise resource software over the last 5 years. Most recently, he became the business development director of one of the top leading security technology firms in the Philippines.

Affordable Pricing Plans for your Franchise Empire


1,000 PHP per month per stall

  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory System with unlimited products and variants
  • Sales dashboard per location and per area
  • Attendance tracking
  • Team Lead Audit and Inventory
Start 1 Month Free Trial


1,500 PHP per month per stall

  • All Features of Premium
  • Multi-Brand Capability
  • Receipt Printing
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • No Deposit Fees on Tablet & Hardware
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